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Hubbardton Forge Exos Double Shade Pendant Model: 139605-FLU-LONG-08-SCSD

SKU: IYH-19728

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Adjustable pendant: exos medium double with shade options. includes adjustable stem and round canopy.
  • Model Number: 139605-FLU-LONG-08-SCSD
  • Width: 23''
  • Height: 9.69''
  • Max Height: 68''
  • Bulbs: 3 x 13 Watt GU24 Fluorescent (included)
  • Max Wattage: 39 Watts
  • Finishes Available: Burnished Steel, Burnished Steel (-08)
  • Shades Available: Cork & Eclipse, Flax Inner & Natural Anna Outer, Eclipse & Flax, Eclipse & Terra Suede, Flax & Natural Linen, Cork & Terra Suede, Doeskin Suede & Natural Linen, Doeskin Suede & Natural Anna, Natural Anna Inner & Doeskin Suede Outer, Flax Inner & Flax Outer, Natural Anna Inner & Natural Anna Outer, Natural Anna & Eclipse, Doeskin Suede Inner & Natural Anna Outer, Terra Suede & Natural Anna, Natural Anna & Terra Suede, Eclipse & Natural Anna, Flax & Flax, Natural Linen & Cork, Flax & Natural Anna, Natural Linen & Terra Suede, Natural Anna Inner & Natural Linen Outer, Natural Linen & Eclipse, Flax Inner & Doeskin Suede Outer, Cork Inner & Natural Linen Outer, Terra Suede & Flax, Doeskin Suede Inner & Doeskin Suede Outer, Terra Suede & Terra Suede, Doeskin Suede Inner & Cork Outer, Flax & Cork, Natural Linen Inner & Flax Outer, Cork & Flax, Terra Suede & Cork, Natural Anna & Doeskin Suede, Natural Linen & Natural Linen, Doeskin Suede Inner & Natural Linen Outer, Eclipse & Eclipse, Cork & Natural Linen, Natural Anna Inner & Flax Outer, Eclipse & Cork, Flax & Eclipse, Cork Inner & Flax Outer, Cork & Natural Anna, Terra Suede & Doeskin Suede, Natural Anna & Cork, Natural Linen Inner & Natural Anna Outer, Natural Anna & Natural Linen, Doeskin Suede & Eclipse, Natural Linen Inner & Natural Linen Outer, Cork Inner & Natural Anna Outer, Natural Linen Inner & Doeskin Suede Outer, Natural Anna Inner & Cork Outer, Flax & Terra Suede, Doeskin Suede Inner & Flax Outer, Flax & Doeskin Suede, Natural Linen & Flax, Doeskin Suede & Doeskin Suede, Flax Inner & Cork Outer, Cork & Cork, Eclipse & Doeskin Suede, Terra Suede & Natural Linen, Cork & Doeskin Suede, Flax Inner & Natural Linen Outer, Doeskin Suede & Flax, Terra Suede & Eclipse, Eclipse & Natural Linen, Natural Linen & Doeskin Suede, Doeskin Suede & Terra Suede, Cork Inner & Cork Outer, Natural Anna & Natural Anna, Cork Inner & Doeskin Suede Outer, Natural Anna & Flax, Doeskin Suede & Cork, Natural Linen Inner & Cork Outer, Natural Linen & Natural Anna
  • Options Available: Title 24, Dry Rated
  • Style: Contemporary, Transitional
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Canopy: 6.1od''
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