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About ET2

    Keenly in tune with design trends and market demand, the Sperlings of Maxim Lighting® were inspired to expand their family. In 2004, Maxim Lighting introduced ET2 Contemporary Lighting™, an exciting addition of contemporary designs to complement Maxim Lighting’s more traditional lines. Jacob’s first ET2 line embodied the principles of fine art, incorporating the elements of form, function, and aesthetics.  ET2 Contemporary Lighting designs have met with immense favor in the industry and have paved the way for a new divisional focus on commercial and hospitality lighting. 

Cultured. Cosmopolitan. Contemporary. ET2 Contemporary Lighting collections artfully blend luxurious finishes, smooth surfaces, and bold angles with creative shapes and forms that transform ordinary rooms into exceptional spaces. Intelligent design meets sophisticated style through the remarkably fresh use of translucent crystals, sculpted glass, fluid chrome, and powerful lamps. Satisfying a range of design sensibilities from eccentric to refined, the ET2 collections define the rooms they grace and make an undeniable statement about the people and places they illuminate. Each unique collection embraces advanced technology and forward-thinking style, and makes it accessible and achievable in everyday lighting.