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Proudly Canadian! All Prices in Candian Dollars

Proudly Canadian! All prices in Canadian Dollars

   Proudly entering its third decade of existence, Eurofase continues its evolution as a provider of artful illumination. Eurofase is born of a company culture that passionately seeks to improve the lives of its customers with innovative design, lasting quality and genuine service.

   Eurofase carefully considers the interaction of a lighting fixture with those who enjoy it. Beyond the style or finish of a fixture is the ambiance created for the space within which it resides. Always with the goal of higher achievement top of mind, each product is inspired by human needs. With many pieces still being crafted by human hands, the authenticity of this company philosophy is carried through to the finished product.

   Eurofase is credited with introducing several new design and technology trends to the North American marketplace. Additionally, the company’s flair for contemporary design continually promotes the use of emerging lamp technologies, such as LED, halogen and compact fluorescent.

   Established in 1989, Eurofase is headquartered in suburban Toronto, a city rich in inspiration and cultural diversity. It is from here that Eurofase services its customers throughout the Americas in addition to some international clients.


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